Mowing Service

On a weekly basis, we will; mow all grass areas, line trim around obstacles, maintain grass edges, and blow off grass clippings. We will also monitor the property for damaged sprinklers and other issues.


We perform a flower bed weed prevention treatment to keep existing seeds from sprouting (performed in March).

Post-Emergent weed control

On a bi-weekly basis, weeds under 3 inches will be sprayed with Round-up Quick Pro. This ensures rapid deterioration of unwanted growth. Weeds over 3 inches will be removed manually.


Up to five applications of a seasonally appropriate, balanced fertilizer and broadleaf weed control will be applied to all turf areas.

Insect Control

We will implement a billbug and grub prevention treatment to all turf areas during a one-time application in the Springtime.

Dormant Oil

Our professionals will perform a systemic drench of your property to control insects on trees and shrubs. This is performed during the spring season.

Sprinkler Turn-On

Your sprinkler system will be turned on and checked for leaks, broken heads, and adequate coverage. Adjustments and repairs will be addressed at this time (unless instructed otherwise).

Sprinkler System Check

On a monthly basis the sprinkler system will be checked for proper operation. Grounds will be walked to check for any malfunctioning sprinklers or dry areas. Sprinkler time will be adjusted to accommodate the changing seasons.

Sprinkler Blow Out

The sprinkler system will be blown out with a compressor capable of at least 175 cm to ensure that there will be no freeze-ups through the winter.

Sprinkler Repair

We offer all manner of sprinkler repair and installation. This can be set up with a monthly budget so that repairs can be done during system checks to avoid the minimum charge.


All shrubs will be pruned to maintain their existing shapes. Low hanging branches and suckers will be trimmed from trees. This service is performed in spring and fall.

Spring/Fall Clean-up

All debris (leaves, pine needles, etc.) will be cleaned off of beds, driveways, walkways, and lawn.


We also offer installation of sod, trees, shrubs, mulch, rock, pavers, flagstone, French drains, curbing, and concrete.

Invoicing & Payment Options

For recurring services, we offer e-billing or paper invoices. Billing periods end on the last day of the month. Payment is due by check within one month of service. We also offer payment by credit card at no extra charge when you sign up for automatic weekly payments.